Making Cents with Carbon Growers Course


Making Cents with Carbon Growers is for accountants, bankers, financial and legal advisors with agricultural industry clients.

With this course you can:

  • Discover why soil carbon is a key metric to farm productivity and profitability
  • Learn why and how farmers are growing it in cropping, mixed and grazing systems
  • Become familiar with the science of climate change and its impact on rural businesses
  • Understand agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon footprint of different sectors and how farmers are starting to reduce their exposure
  • Get up to speed on carbon and nature repair/biodiversity markets
  • Be informed on the policy and market drivers impacting farmers through supply chains and corporate climate and sustainability reporting
  • Get clarity on ACCU Scheme (ERF) Carbon Farming Projects, the key considerations for landholders, and the tax and land value implications.