Providing farmers with the tools

to draw down CO2 on a gigatonne scale

We research technologies and systems that enable farmers to increase soil organic carbon making their soils, more fertile, productive and resilient.

Solutions for a changing climate

We work with microbes that are outstanding in their capacity to sequester carbon and bolster soil fertility

Carbon influences the infiltration and storage of water, driving effective nutrient cycling and limiting fertiliser dependence. Soil carbon is the foundation of fertility in any soil.

We have isolated strains of fungi that rapidly store significant amounts of carbon. Allowing fast, long-term, stable sequestration. 

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared

We collaborate with farmers, academic institutions and corporations from around the world.


The Climate Resilient Soils Network, for example, aims to support farmers to better manage their soils in the face of climate change, water scarcity and soil degradation.

The project will be promoting sustainable approaches to agriculture underpinned by scientific validation. The network is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Landcare and the Ian Potter Foundation.

A commercial start-up 

alongside an independent research institute

SoilCQuest is an organisation made up of two parts, a not for profit research institute and a commercial start up.


Unified under one vision to research, develop and deploy technologies and systems for carbon sequestration in agricultural soils.

Together with the worlds leading investors and entrepreneurs, we aim to deliver our innovations in a way that benefits farmers and the environment. 

We collaborate with farmers, academic institutions and corporations from around the world.


We are growing fast and would be delighted to talk to anyone who would like to get involved in our business, our research, or our wider collaborations. 


If you want to talk to us or write about us, please get in touch via the contact page

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