Our Team

Guy Webb

Founder & Chair

Guy is an agronomist with a deep understanding of soil carbon and health, microbiology and sustainable land management. He has worked to develop microbial inoculums and bio-fertilisers throughout his career with the focus on improving soil health and soil carbon levels in broad-acre cropping. Guy has over a decade of experience designing functional and practical microbial packages within dryland broadacre systems for semi-arid environments.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Resource and Environmental Management and has been involved in horticultural agronomy predominantly in grapes and citrus. Guy has been the driving force behind the organisation since its inception in 2012 and has brought together a cohesive and committed team to work towards SoilCQuest’s vision.

Mick Wettenhall

Founder & Director

Mick is an experienced grazier and grains and cotton farmer on the Macquarie River near Trangie. A skilled farming practitioner and an early adopter of innovative farming techniques. He is a passionate believer that agriculture has a major role to play not only in food security but also in sustainable environmental management and climate change mitigation. Michael brings invaluable practical on-the-ground experience and a common sense perspective to the project.

Andrew Bruem

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has more than 25 years leadership experience as a SME business owner, Managing Director and General Manager, including as a third-generation agribusiness owner operator in Central West NSW. He brings in-depth knowledge of governance, finance, strategy development, marketing and entrepreneurship from the agribusiness, not-for-profit and service sectors. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Science and has a passion to invoke climate solutions driven by agriculture, harnessing the impetus of resilient farm businesses as positive land custodians.

Erika Van Schellebeck

Stakeholder Engagement

Erika has 20+ years of experience in community & stakeholder engagement, sustainability education and strategic planning in state and local government and the not-for-profit sector. A city kid who loved school holidays on her grandparents’ cattle & wheat farms, she believes ecological agriculture holds the key to the resilience of farming communities and is passionate about agriculture as a climate solution. Erika holds a Bachelor of Arts in Resource and Environmental Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture from Southern Cross University.

Jen Ringbauer

Research Assistant

After a 20+ year teaching and environmental education career in schools and the not-for-profit sector, Jen moved to a property to grow and produce clean food and fibre for her family and community. This led to a keen desire to know more about improving productivity whilst enhancing ecosystem function and biodiversity with minimal intervention and input. Recently completing a Bachelor of Science in Regenerative Agriculture, Jen also holds a B. Arts (Musicology/ Philosophy), and Dip. Ed. (Music). Jen applies her analytical and creative skills to a systems-thinking approach to find the theories, methods and practices in local solutions to global problems.

Sophie Lountain


Sophie has a background in nutrition, food security and agriculture for development. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of South Australia, with her research spanning economics focusing on food security, water policy, and the interface between gender and resources. Sophie is a self-taught graphic designer and enjoys combining two of her greatest passions in this role- creativity and saving the planet.


SoilCQuest is growing!

Research and Development Agronomist (Climate Smart Farming Systems)
This is an engaging and formative role that provides scope for the successful candidate to develop and implement commercially viable climate smart farming solutions.


Daniela Carnovale


Daniela has a passion for working with farmers to increase soil health & function, with a particular interest in soil biology & plant soil interactions as ways to increase soil Carbon. She has 15 years of experience in the private sector, non-government organisations, government, & academia and is a strong advocate for science communication. Daniela holds an Honours degree in Resource and Environmental Management and a PhD in the effects of agricultural restoration (shelterbelts) on soil biotic communities.