Climate Resilient Soils Network

Building Resilience in Australian farming soils.

In Australia, we have huge opportunities to improve food security, environmental security and climate security. The potential to use agricultural vegetation and soils as a carbon sink is in the order of gigatons, and agriculture has the opportunity to become a major part of the solution. 

The purpose of the Climate Resilience Soils Network is to support farmers to manage their soils in the face of climate change, water scarcity and soil degradation. Increasing soil organic carbon has well-documented benefits that include increased water efficiency and on-farm productivity, plus contribution to sequestration and reduction of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. The potential to utilise agricultural vegetation and soils as a carbon sink is in the order of gigatons. 

A genuine partnership between land managers and scientists, SoilCQuest aims to bring together farmers’ knowledge with scientific research to develop more sustainable methods of farming. 

The Climate Resilience Soils Network encourages collaboration to build knowledge, collate the evidence to support successes and improvements, share information and promote the broader use of climate-resilient agriculture techniques.

If you are interested in being a part of the Climate Resilience Soil Network, please contact us.

What Farmers Say


 Luke Wood 'Lily Dale' Manildra


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