Our Goal

The goal of the Soil C Quest Project is to create a seed inoculum that will ‘fix’ carbon. We will this using specialist ‘carbon capturing fungi’.  The concept is similar in principle to using rhizobium bacteria inoculum on legumes. The inoculum fixes nitrogen in the soil, to which most farmers would be familiar.

Soil organic carbon levels are a true metric of soil health. They influence the infiltration and storage of soil water as well as driving effective nutrient cycling.  Soil carbon is simply the foundation of fertility in any soil.

The biological carbon capture process has been coined ‘fungal mediated soil carbon sequestration’. This is fundamentally a process of capturing and concentrating atmospheric carbon (C02) into plant sugar (C6H1206) and in turn converting some of that carbohydrate flow into fungal melanin (C18H10N204). This stable form of carbon is deposited safely inside soil microaggregates.